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Accelerator Meeting – December 14, 2017 from 4-7pm

Hamden is implementing Portfolio Manager to get its baseline defined and the energy company has provided a consultant to assist with the effort free of charge. The town recently received a SolSmart award (a US Dept. of Energy funded recognition program to help foster the development of mature local solar markets.)  The town plans to be a part of Sustainable CT.

Milford very interested in 'Ready for 100' (100% renewable by 2050) and Sustainable CT.  The town is focused on outreach – not just municipal buildings but rather the whole community.  Multiple attendees felt that Milford is the most technical commission.

Cornwall will join Sustainable CT.

West Hartford sees the money in the community drying up and believes community unity will be required.  Bernie Pelletier suggested to all that it is very beneficial to look to corporations/commercial businesses in your community to see how they can partner and support where it helps them also meet their goals of community outreach and environmental management/sustainability.

Glastonbury is slowly introducing the concept of an Energy Task Force to the community. The task force is interested in Ready for 100 and fracking waste ban.

Westport was accepted into the Capstone Program, which is run by Columbia University and offers teams of students/interns for consultative sustainable project work to external organizations. Westport is being creative and offering sustainability awards to encourage builders to incorporate environmental aspects into their designs and development/build-outs.  Westport and Fairfield environmental groups similar to Wilton Go Green want to speak collectively to see how they can support one another’s efforts and share ideas and thoughts (Pippa Bell Ader will contact Daphne and Patrice.)

Middletown is building a new middle school and it has been a challenge to get the project committee to embrace sustainability in the design and overall project plans.

Diana McCarthy (Earth Forward Group and formerly CEC program at Eversource) advised that her entire group was terminated on 12/13 by Eversource because the group did not directly produce energy savings (group’s purpose was to educate, therefore, did not bring about any savings and/or revenue).

Bright Idea Grants are for energy savings and can be used through 2018 but the grant must be requested by 12/31/2017.  Towns can pool their funds together from grants, but cannot pool their points to get the grants. Contacts at Eversource are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Commercial & Industrial teams at Eversource can support towns with major builds.  Small Business Energy Advantage Program, C-PACE, and HE Solutions are all still in play.  $65M has already been taken/raided by the state government.

Anthony Clark (Senior Manager in Industrial Group) of CT Green Bank provided a presentation and spoke on what CT Green Bank does.  The bank recently received a very prestigious award from Harvard for its sustainability efforts – Harvard’s 2017 Innovations in American Government Award.  Green Bank lost half of its 2018 budget (public) so it needs to seek private financing.  Energy strategy is 'Cleaner, cheaper and more reliable'.  The Bank is shifting its focus to short term projects to bring money into the Bank.   Solar PPA’s and C-Pace (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) basics were discussed.  C-Pace has $101M of projects done in CT already and there are still great incentives from the Utilities.  As of December 2017, $614K average amount financed and $8.3M is the largest financed. 

DEEP’s Round 4 Microgrid Program closes on January 1, 2018.  No word yet on whether there will be a Round 5.

New just coming out is Clean & Resilient Energy in CT for solar storage (funded by Walmart Family).  CT Green Bank can provide power studies and define what opportunities are there.

Chris Lotspeich (Certified Energy Manager at Celtic Energy) spoke on being progressive in planning as it relates to technology and design flexibility.  Encouraged towns to aggregate short term and long term ROI projects together for better acceptance and momentum.  He encouraged designing for the future with flexibility in mind (‘adaptive design’), as technology will become cheaper.  He shared thoughts on heat pumps driving beneficial electrification, CHS (combined heat system), storage ready.  Efficiency will remain the primary focus. 

Resilience is key with all grids and must be a focus to prevent major losses.

Some resources that offer learning opportunities as it relates to technology:

  • Clean Energy Group (in Vermont) website
  • Resilient Power Project (has papers on solar and storage)
  • Schneider Electric’s website – provides a free energy library
  • ARUP website – offers 5-minute guides
  • – a DOE run website with state incentives for renewables



Community Updates


For those concerned about the climate crisis…

Small info cards, about 3”x4”, are available in quantities of 100 and more; if interested, please contact Patrice Gillespie .


… 2018 has been named the Year of Local Action. And the Eastern CT Green Action group is leading the way. ECGA was formed by several people from towns in eastern Connecticut. Initially most people were from Mansfield; as of now, people from Andover, Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Hampton, Lebanon, Pomfret, Scotland, Tolland, Willington and Windham are members.

With the publication of his excellent weekly newsletter CT Green News, ECGA co-founder Peter Millman is helping us Nutmeggers stay up to date on issues, events and opportunities for concerned citizens to connect with their elected officials. He has published over 50 editions of his newsletter, and would love to broaden his every Friday distribution. Just contact Peter via and benefit from his convenient digest of important news and environmentally-focused online postings.


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HIGHLIGHTS OF CT’s FALL GATHERING of clean energy task forces can be found here in our Knowledge Center’s Program Archives pages. Diane Duva (the Director of Energy Demand at DEEP’s Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy is pictured here) facilitating the shaping of our state’s energy future.

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Clean Energy Communities Listening Session Letter of Thanks and Follow-up

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