CT’s energy task force representatives recently attended a Geothermal educational workshop on state-of-the-art ground source heat pump technology, hosted by the Clean Water Fund with support from the Tremaine Foundation, Hampshire Foundation and Common Sense Fund.

Pictured are Glenn Weston-Murphy, chairperson of the Guilford Energy Task Force; John Sima, engineer for Hydro Dynamic Engineering, LLC, and member of the CT Geo Assoc.; Woodie Weiss, workshop organizer and chair of the Madison Energy and Efficiency Committee; Phil Rawlings, Director of Geothermal Services for Trison Construction, Inc.; and Guy Wanegar, geothermal contractor for A&B Cooling & Heating Corp. and member/first president of the CT Geo Assoc.

John and Guy specialize in residential and small commercial installations, while Phil contracts with large commercial and municipal projects. One of Trison’s municipal projects that is nearing completion is a multi-site geothermal application at three schools and the Library in Stafford, CT.  (A large solar installation will soon be built to power the ground source heat pumps; both renewable energy projects are being implemented by the Stafford Energy Advisory Committee).

Download the PowerPoint Presentations here.

- Trison Energy Task Forces GSHP Presentation.ppt

- Geothermal Heat Pumps Overview CTGeo Assn.pptx

- Geothermal Heat Pumps Advantages CTGeo Assn.pptx



Community Updates


For those concerned about the climate crisis…

Small info cards, about 3”x4”, are available in quantities of 100 and more; if interested, please contact Patrice Gillespie .


… 2018 has been named the Year of Local Action. And the Eastern CT Green Action group is leading the way. ECGA was formed by several people from towns in eastern Connecticut. Initially most people were from Mansfield; as of now, people from Andover, Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Hampton, Lebanon, Pomfret, Scotland, Tolland, Willington and Windham are members.

With the publication of his excellent weekly newsletter CT Green News, ECGA co-founder Peter Millman is helping us Nutmeggers stay up to date on issues, events and opportunities for concerned citizens to connect with their elected officials. He has published over 50 editions of his newsletter, and would love to broaden his every Friday distribution. Just contact Peter via info@easternctgreenaction.com and benefit from his convenient digest of important news and environmentally-focused online postings.


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HIGHLIGHTS OF CT’s FALL GATHERING of clean energy task forces can be found here in our Knowledge Center’s Program Archives pages. Diane Duva (the Director of Energy Demand at DEEP’s Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy is pictured here) facilitating the shaping of our state’s energy future.

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Clean Energy Communities Listening Session Letter of Thanks and Follow-up

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