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DEEP Logo“We have to get methane under control immediately,” said Cornell scientist Dr. Robert Howarth and colleagues. Their publication generated over 1,500 news stories and commentaries, earning them a nomination to Time Magazine’s People of the Year list. That was in 2011.

Over the last four years, Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions have actually gone up, according to a recent report by the Acadia Center. While some fluctuation is consistent with an overall downward trend, this 4-year pattern is not a good sign. We seem to be caught in a painful disconnect -- between what we know is urgent as well as important, sharply reducing carbon emissions, and what we have fully figured out how to accomplish.

By Guy West and Melissa Everett

Urban Planning LectureClimate change touches everything, including the conditions for human settlements on the land.  In Connecticut, our single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is transportation.  That means work on clean energy and sustainability includes not just buildings and power generation, but mobility, land use and development patterns. And the best progress toward sustainability takes place when communities address these factors as a system.

NOW THIS IS A POWER LUNCHEON — Jersey Central Power & Light

Visitors to Atlantic City Sheraton see many lavishly framed photographs of Miss America beauty pageants and the comely winners of yesteryear.

But last month in the Grand Ballroom, a much different —more impressive — kind of achievement was being recognized

Recipients of the 7th annual “Sustainable Jersey” leadership awards are the most successful of the 430 New Jersey cities and townships participating in this game-changing statewide program.  They are making significant strides in reducing carbon emissions, protecting water resources, reducing waste, building economic and social resiliency while earning incentive points for grants and technical assistance.



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For those concerned about the climate crisis…

Small info cards, about 3”x4”, are available in quantities of 100 and more; if interested, please contact Patrice Gillespie .


… 2018 has been named the Year of Local Action. And the Eastern CT Green Action group is leading the way. ECGA was formed by several people from towns in eastern Connecticut. Initially most people were from Mansfield; as of now, people from Andover, Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Hampton, Lebanon, Pomfret, Scotland, Tolland, Willington and Windham are members.

With the publication of his excellent weekly newsletter CT Green News, ECGA co-founder Peter Millman is helping us Nutmeggers stay up to date on issues, events and opportunities for concerned citizens to connect with their elected officials. He has published over 50 editions of his newsletter, and would love to broaden his every Friday distribution. Just contact Peter via info@easternctgreenaction.com and benefit from his convenient digest of important news and environmentally-focused online postings.


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HIGHLIGHTS OF CT’s FALL GATHERING of clean energy task forces can be found here in our Knowledge Center’s Program Archives pages. Diane Duva (the Director of Energy Demand at DEEP’s Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy is pictured here) facilitating the shaping of our state’s energy future.

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Clean Energy Communities Listening Session Letter of Thanks and Follow-up

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